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Passion. Persistence. Prayer. I may not be the brightest bulb in the room but I know myself better than anyone else. What I lack, I make up for it by hard work, strategy and persistence. I made a vow that if I successfully hurdle the 2014 BAR Examinations, I will make sure that every year I will be an instrument in another Bar Candidate's success in hurdling his/her Bar Exams. You can PM me on Facebook or email me at sjbinay@gmail.com

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If you know NBA and you are familiar with the team San Antonio Spurs you are already familiar with this code. This code has been used by Coach Gregg Popovich in buliding and improving the SPURS empire. Ask any player to recite this code and they can recite this in a heartbeat.

During the Bar review and the NBA finals, I wrote this code and thought about it. When nothing seems to help my review, when it seems that I cannot remember anything or that I have not read enough or I am not prepared enough, this code reminds me that I should not stop. That I should keep on pounding , reading and moving forward.

You might not see it now but come Bar Exam, you will thank your past self, past efforts and this moment when you chose not to give up. 
"There will be doubters, there will be haters and there would be you, proving them wrong."
Remember that you must be the master of your own emotions. While you cannot control what others may say or think, you have the power to control over your reaction or mindset. As long as you don't mind detractors, they will not post a problem to your review. Focus on the task at hand and let your success silence the doubters.

Again, there may be doubters but there would be people like us who believe in you.

When you signed the Petition to take the Bar Examinations 2015, tell yourself that you are ready to claim what is yours. The title, Attorney has long been promised to be in your name. You just have to want it more. You must be willing to give more and you must be driven in pursuing it. You have been through a lot of hurdles and setbacks in your life to give up now. The 2015 Bar may be your epic comeback, your redemption, your prize. Seize it. Claim it. 

We believe in you. 

Hello guys. I am still compiling my files and uploading them to my dropbox account and it may take forever to your detriment. So, I am planning to email my files to you as I sift through them at my 30,000 unread messages. Haha. So, if you want a copy of my files, please email me at sjbinay@gmail.com

Okay. Most of my files are from:
The SuperTwins Atty. King and Atty. Kenneth Hizon (abridged copy of lawbooks, digests, transcribed notes) 
Atty. Vins Platon (abridged copy of law books, transcribed notes)
Atty. Marx de Chavez (UST LAW super transcriber.)
Super seniors transcribed copy of lectures of Prosec Garcia for crim
Files sent by lawschool friends and bar review friends during the bar review.
Files downloaded from Scribd which is relevant to the Bar Review
Any files deemed necessary for the Bar.

Sorry but due to copyright and personal reasons, I cannot share the ust golden notes or any notes from other lawschools. I can only share the notes that is given freely, with consent of the authors and those generally found in the internet. I still hope, I could help you guys. 

I could vouch for the notes of Atty. King and Kenneth Hizon and Atty. Vins Platon. They summarized the lawbooks and in effect, you can feel that you have read the entire book through their notes. Haha. 

Dear Mr. Garon, I failed the Bar Exams...

Bar Story, Sked and Tips from Atty. Constanza Brillantes, 2014 Bar Passer.

I would like to share some tips and my experience during the 2014 Bar review.


1. Start early. I started my review even before our graduation so that i would, more or less have six-month preparation and to fit my three readings schedule.



2. Don't forget about your health. I sleep for at least 6hrs every night. I wake up early at around 6am, then isleep before 12midnight. I made sure to havecomplete hours of sleep bec i didn't want to have in-between naps during my review in the morning and afternoon. For me, a complete sleep at night is better than having several power naps in the afternoon.


3. Make a schedule. Some says you have to have a detailed sched like specifying the number of hours per subject. I didn't do that. I simply made a list of number of DAYS per subject for my first, second and third reading. Don't fret if you cannot constantly follow yoursched. Take into consideration, in making schedules, the lectures that you have to attend, the time that you will have breaks, days that you might get sick, etc.May days na mag-aadjust ka talaga basta bawiin modin sa mga susunod na araw.


4. Rest. I did not change my Sunday schedule. I always attend mass and have lunch with my family. I just begin at around 2-3pm. I also watch the news in the evening. Pag pagod na, wag pilitin dahilmaslalong hindi maiintindihan ang inaaralsayangang effort.


5. Aim to top the bar. One important thing that i've learned is that we are all equal in the eyes of the bar exam. Lahat dapat magaral kahit valedictorian ka pa or bottom sabatch. For example, if a cum laude graduate failed the bar, his exam will never be reconsidered just because he graduated with honors in law school. In short, lahatkayo back to zero ang standing kaya lahat dapatmag-aral. That's why you should aim the top. Walanamang masama dun. If you think you did not excel in law school, you should try to excel in the bar. IT IS POSSIBLE.


6. Build your confidence level. It is not just your brain that you have to work on, don't forget about your heart and spirit. Everyday you might feel some doubts while studying, ganun talaga! Tama ba ‘tong mgainaaral ko? ‘Bat ganun di ko maintindihan eh 2nd reading ko na? May ganyang feelings pero labananmo. In order to avoid this, STOP COMPARING YOUR SELF TO OTHERS. Iba ibang style to eh. Just stick to what you feel is right. In case of doubt, mag-aral kanalang.


7. I studied alone. This will all depend on your own preference. In my case, i preferred to study alone. I didn't want to see other people bec i usually feel the pressure when they're surrounding me. I stayed in school for the first two months but i ended up staying at home until the preweekUmiwas ako sa tao kasiayaw kong makipagdaldalanmagcompare ngnumber of readings, subjects finished, etc...


8. Sacrifice! I missed A LOT of birthday parties, gatherings, movies and dates (hehe). Marami pang time after the bar.



9. Reviewing for the bar is hard. If you think law school is difficult, think again.Masmahirap pa to sa pinagsama samangyears ko sa law school. And i promised myself not to repeat all this process ever again! Lahat ng emotions andito naperomasmadalas nakakaiyak. Actually, i developed a new level of respect for all those who are retaking the bar because it takes courage to repeat it all over again.


10. Pray. Pray that you're studying the right topics thatyou'll be able to understand them and that God may grant you your dream of becoming a lawyer so that you can fulfill His purpose for you. Don't set limits on what God can give you. Lahat kaya Nya ibigay. Kaya do your best and God will do the rest.


My schedule and materials:




1st reading:

Remriano books + 2013 mem aid + codal

Civrabuya reviewer, balane succ + 2013 mem aid + codal

Taxdomondon books + 2013 Golden notes + codal(hirap ako dito)

Mercsudiang + codals

Crim- 2013 mem aid + Garcia notes we used in school

Laborabad + codal

Poli- 2013 mem aid

Ethics- no first reading hehe


2nd reading:

Remmem aid + codal + uplc + cases + Pareto

Civmem aid + codal + uplc + cases + pareto

Taxcodal + pareto + i watched ALL videos of DeanBarlis on ChanRobles and made my own magic notes :)

Mercsudiang + codals + uplc + cases + pareto + iwatched videos of Atty Jimenez

Crimmem aid + pareto + uplc + cases + i attended all lectures of Prosec Garcia

Labor- Abad book + codal + uplc + cases + pareto +i attended all lectures of Dean Poquiz and i made my own magic notes

Poli- 2013 mem aid + uplc + cases + i attended all lectures of Atty. Sandoval and made my magic notes

Ethicscodal + uplc + cases


How did i use Pareto notes? I noted all trendingtopics in the bar in the last 10yrs. I placed a check mark or asterisk beside the provisions that are trending in the bar or have been recently asked.


3rd reading: whew! (salain nyo na ang topics naaaralinsundan na ang trend)

Basically, i used recent juris of Bedacodaluplc,pareto and reviewed the notes i made during the lectures.


I read all notes i received from different sources, compiled the useful notes and discarded the others.



I attended pre week lectures at the Albano Bar Review Center (highly recommended!)


I also watched some lectures of Atty Jimenez in poliand merc, Dean Albano in poli, Dean Barlis in tax and Justice Hofelia in legal ethics.


I used the same materials but limited them to codal, cases, uplc and other notes i received from diff review centers.


Last minute tips:

I attended ALL LMT in albano review center. (Highly recommended!)


Review centers and programs availed:

Albano review center (pre week and LMT)


UST review

Online clinic and coaching by Atty. Ralph Sarmiento


Pen used- blue-inked sign pen.



Love in the time of Bar Review. 

Is this an issue? It depends.

For those who are married or in a relationship

As Atty. Merceditas Ona, Bar TopNotcher, once said, "ask your loved ones for understanding especially at this difficult time." It would be better to include them in your journey. They have probably been with you before or during law school so your loved ones are already familiar with the demands of law school. You can tell them that things will be intense this time; that you need more time to study and how this moment is important to you. Remind them that you had been preparing for this moment and you need their help to achieve it. 

Help meaning being ready to do things for you like cooking or ironing your clothes or washing the dishes (Because you'll be writing and re-writing and highlighting. You don't want to get "pasma" while writing your answers during bar exams. Haha). If they can't then at least ask them to be faithful to you. Continue to have dates like every weekend or study together or spend a day or specific time with them, outside that time, study. The key is communication, support, time together and involvement. But, you guys probably know this anyway. So I am just here to remind you. Haha

Caveat: the blogger is NBSB. Yep. No Boyfriend Since BreakUp so I am no pro with relationship tips. But I have tips for those who are single.

For those who are single and ready to mingle

You are like having the best of both worlds right now. You don't have the emotional baggage that you need during the Bar Review yet you can release the stress by dating. Yey! You can have the kilig thrills that you needed to boost your study mood without the drama of being in a relationship. Caveat, just remember to focus to your study time. Study now, date later. Haha. Or try to budget your time by making sure that 1 hour of your date time will add 2 hours of your study time. Just remember that you should focus on studying and stop dating a month before the Bar Exams. 

For those who are single and happy and content to be alone right now.
I have no tip for you. I just want to pray that you continue to be happy and inspired. Haha. Kidding. I agree that this is the high time to focus on achieving your dream and I hear you. Just don't forget to take care of yourself and welcome those who are willing to take care of you like your family or barops or your coffee barista. 

So is it advisable to fall in love or enter into a relationship while reviewing for the Bar?
It depends. Some Bar Reviewers say, "Don't" because you have to focus on your review. This is not the time to be sidetracked. A lawyer friend of mine, Atty. RC Moreno fell in love while reviewing for the Bar. So bottomline, it depends. It depend on how you take the circumstance, how you'll deal with building a relationship (which takes time) and maintaining it while studying for the bar. Your call. :)

BONUS: heartbreak during the Bar Exam

May it be breaking up or unrequited, dealing with a heartbreak is never easy. My suggestion is that the bar candidate must take a day or a week off, go somewhere distant and pour everything out or unwind. Use this week to scream, punch and release the pain and remind yourself that you have to filter the negativity out of your system and just let the positivity pull you through tough times. Do not let your heartbreak define you. Rise above the pain and pass the Bar. :)

So bottomline, in whatever status you are in, remember that you are 
You are the captain of your soul, you are the master of your destiny.

My personalized motivational posts located in various areas of my condo unit. 

Living room. 
Living room


By the door. 


Bathroom door

By the door, mirror and headboard. 

My dear reader, do yourself a favor and motivate thyself. :) when you write your aspirations, you remind yourself of your goal. You focus your energy in achieving this goal, passing and/or topping the Bar Exams. 

 Bar Tips: from Atty. Dominic Victor Castro de Alban. 
Bar Passer, 2014; Batch Salutatorian UST LAW 2014; 
AB Philosophy-Cum Laude, UST

1) matulog ng wasto at least 6 hours. 

2) kumain ng tama meaning wag magpapataba kasi kalaban mo ang pagod at sakit kaya dapat iwasan mo ito (at kung akala mong madali syang tanggalin after ng bar pwes nagkakamali ka) 

3) sundin mo as much as possible ung plano mong study time na realistic para may sense of fulfillment ka para maboost ang confidence m remember ang review hindi lang for knowledge but more importantly confidence boosting kasi ang presumption alam mo naman na lahat bilang LL.B ka na 

4) mag-exercise ka para compliment sa good diet. wag mong isiping sayang sa oras kasi ang paghahanda sa bar di lang sa utak kundi pati sa katawan kasi halos 10 oras kang nakafullforce ang utak mo at malamang 3 oras lang tulog m so dapat matibay katawan at resistensya mo. 

5) practice mo ang penmanship m. magsulat sulat ka lang sa isang notebok with the proper margin ang laki ng sulat with the pen na gagamitin m para hindi ka manibago at tuloy tuloy ang pag answer mo for the bar. pinaka importante: 

6) PRAY. kung iisipin mong sayang lang sa oras ang pagdadasal, isipin m n lang, bukod sa mga examiners Diyos lang ang nakakaalam ng mga tanong so magdasal ka na tama ang inaaral m. At may mga bagay na labas na talaga sa human reach at doon na pumapasok ang dasal. 


So I am about to share my study schedule or my time table. 
I would like to reiterate that I am an ordinary student who wanted to become a lawyer. Before the Bar, I evaluated myself and concluded that at the rate of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I am just a six or seven. But with my strategy and persistence, I will be the best level seven there is. I will give my all. I will not have any regret come November to March. Again, this is my sked. Please don't judge me and my desperation to pass. Haha.

My ideal time frame:
8 am-12nn STUDY
12-1: lunch siesta break
9-10 BREAK
10-2am STUDY with chill moments. 
***not followed religiously. :) probably 5 times a week. Sunday is family day.

For my complete list of materials, Please refer to my previous post entitled, "All about that Books"

For my Bar Calendar, please refer to my previous post entitled, "Calendar Girl"

Note: have your syllabus at hand so you could check if the topic is included in the Bar Exams. 

In my preferred order. 
Theme: self Assessment 

Remedial Law: Albano reviewer 2014
Criminal Law Boado Big Book
Mercantile Law Nani Perez
Taxation Law PM REYES tax.
Civil Law Albano Reviewer 2014
Political Law Albano Reviewer 2014
Labor Law Alcantara Labor Law
Legal Ethics cosico

Bar Exams Order
Theme: Familiarize thyself with the enemy.

Codal and UPLC SILIMAN version by Dondee or any updated version
***since Siliman is arranged per topic or codal provision. I used it to focus (and put three stars) to provisions that are asked in the previous bar exams. This is to foresee the trend and be prepared for possible questions and answers. 


Theme: Polishing the foundation and recall ability
Notes and Book.
Sorry. I used my Ethics time for Rem
Rem: Riano Civil Procedure 1 and 2, CrimPro, Specpro Riano notes.
Crim Prosec Garcia Notes and all Peralta Notes (J. Peralta was the chairman)
Merc Justice Dimaampao book, JJ notes
Tax: Justice Dimaampao tax 1 & 2
Civ Rabuya Reviewer, Aligada Notes
Labor Golden Notes
Poli Gorospe Notes (cases) and Sandoval Notes

Bar Exam
Theme: Confidence building
Golden Notes and Beda Notes

Poli GN
Labor atty. Chan Notes
Civ LR NOTES, albano Notes, Beda Notes (i would have used GN if the font weren't too small)
Tax: Atty Domondon, Bar star Notes 
Merc Beda 
Crim GN
Rem GN and Beda (charts and tables) 
Ethics Codal again. 

Anything I could get my hands on.
Recent Jurisprudence
Practice writing: legal ethics (instant review)

Chan Robles Notes and Lectures

Pre-week notes and lectures

Last Minute Tips.

***caveat: this is what I did during my Bar Review. This does not necessarily mean that this will work for you or that you have to do what I have done. You are free to make your own schedule based on your own pacing. 

If you are wondering why I had gone through this extent and not top the bar, I too have the same question. Joke! Well. To be honest and like I always said, I am just an ordinary girl who wants to be a lawyer. My mindset was that The 2014 Bar Exams is my finish line and I have to make it through regardless of my place. To be able to claim my title, I was willing to give everything I've got. So Dear Reader, how much do you want that title? How much are you willing to give? :)

After the stressful deliberations and receiving my Bachelor of Laws degree, I found myself lost and overwhelmed. Fortunately, I bumped into my most venerated law professor and mentor, Dean Augusto Aligada Jr. Contrary to his terror and killer image in class, he is loveable and grandfather-like once outside the room. I asked him for some tips and this was my first tip for the Bar Exams.

Thereafter, I summoned the courage (probably due to desperation of passing) to ask some of notable professors, bar reviewers and past bar examiners for tips and motivation. 

So here we go:

Story: this was during my fourth year, civil law review class. I came in class prepared but after my fourth coffee intake, I was reciting while trying not to vomit. So it was a bad recit. Yep. This is what Atty. Sena (terror in the classroom. Sister-like, after you passed her subject) said. It struck me hard. 

During Deliberations, I was asked to enter Dean Divina's office for the dramatic congratulatory handshake signifying that I will graduate. Like I said, I was never known for academic excellence especially in commercial law (dean's subject) but here we are. Haha. (Cheers to those who enjoyed law school and survived!)

This was during our Send Off. The saturday before the first week of the Bar. I was panicking as hell. I was smiling though my heart is probably beating the hell out of my ribcage. Atty. Alcantara being his funny self, delivered this line. I think this was the last time I saw him. Rest In Peace Sir, thank you for your jokes. I will remember LIFO RULE forever. (LIFO. Last In first out.) 

When I was in College, I would always say, Study hard, Party Harder.
When I was in law school, I realized that studying hard is not enough, even the agnostic will learn to call on a God when recitations or exam results came. 
My motto became STUDY HARD, PRAY HARDER.

My dear friend. Do pray, pray as you study, pray as you take the exams and pray as you wait forthe  results.

As my Law school crush (jk), Atty. Isaac De Leon, said:
So what was I praying as I review for the Bar...

Lord, I know that I could only read as much as my mind can comprehend, I am imploring for your grace to direct me to topics that will be asked in the Bar Exams. Please help me remember, comprehend and analyze so that when I encounter this topic, I will be able to answer it concisely, coherently and legibly. In Jesus Name, Amen.

What was I praying during the Bar Exams. Exactly 7:30-8:00am

Lord, you knew how much I studied. My efforts and my desire to pass are not hidden from you. I am not asking for what I deserve but I am asking for your grace and favor to ease my mind and let the answers flow through me. And if I do not know the answer, I will call unto you and help me get through it. I know it was You and Your Grace who have led me this far and I know You will not leave me. Lord, grant me this moment. Help me claim my destiny. In Jesus Name. Amen.

What was I praying after the exams, during the checking period (nov-feb)

Lord, I have done my part. I have given my all. This time, it is only You who could touch the hearts of the examiners. May they say, "ang galing naman ng batang ito. Ang ganda ng handwriting. Concise, coherent at maganda ang sagot. This answer deserves a full point. Lawyer material."   Sana po maganda mood niya at di siya inaway ng asawa niya or di masakit ngipin niya or di masakit ulo niya. Lord kayo na po bahala. Itinataas ko na po sa inyo. Atty. Sharmagne Joy Binay, 2014 Bar Exams. 

***okay. Don't judge me, I was desperate. Haha, seriously, with a dream like ours, who wouldn't. A priest once told me that we should be specific with our prayers, so I tried my very best to be specific especially after the exams. Believe me, there are times that  I  feel my booklets were being checked. So even if I am driving, I will pull over or during stoplight, I would pray my after exams prayer. :) i think it worked. I really hope it would work for you too.

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The Lawyer's Post: for Jurisprudence or significant cases 
That are may be used as bar questions.

So my ObliCon prof once told us that to be able to pass his subject and eventually, pass the Bar, we must make bugbog our codal. Haha. 

We have different ways to make bugbog the codal. 
1. Highlight pa more. 
2. Marginal Notes and Tapal Post its
3. Lines everywhere
4. Mr. Clean super clean codal. 

Remember that while it is necessary to be familiar with our codal, we are not required to memorize them verbatim. What is important is we know the nature of the law and how it applies to a certain case. Also, be mindful of the exceptiona and the exceptions to the exceptions 
When there is an exception and an exception to the exception to the law, the bar candidate must be wary because it might be asked in the Bar Exams. 

Note: i used to write three stars to codal provisions that I know will be included in the Bar Exams. In all fairness, I predicted correctly. 

Read UPLC SILIMAN BY DONDEE or any updated version alongside your codal for retention and correlation. 

For crim: have a copy of the book of elements for easy memorization. 

For REM. Actually for every aubject memorize the table of contents for a clear mind map for future reference. :)