All about that BOOKS (Materials)

When choosing your bar materials, you need to ask yourself the following questions that will guide you through the Review Season. Old materials or New materials?Are my old materials enough to prepare me for the bar? Should I really need to buy new materials?Do I have a friend who can lend me some of my needed materials?What notes should I use?Are my old notes relevant for the Bar?Please do keep in mind that some materials are tailored for Law School Survival and some materials are tailored for the Bar Exams. Exercise discernment and feel free to ask previous bar passers for tips.

You must also consider your strengths and weaknesses with the bar subjects for you to be able to plan the materials to use or the designated time to study your subjects.

Below is the sample list of subject based from my honest assessment of my strong and weak subjects for the Bar:

SUBJECTCONFIDENCE LEVEL Political Law80% Criminal Law80% Remedial Law

When nothing seems to help...

"When Nothing seems to help, I go look at a stone cutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it... yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before."
            If you know NBA and you are familiar with the team San Antonio Spurs you are already familiar with this code. This code has been used by Coach Gregg Popovich in buliding and improving the SPURS empire. Ask any player to recite this code and they can recite this in a heartbeat.
         During the Bar review and the NBA 2014 Finals, I wrote this code and thought about it. When nothing seems to help my review, when it seems that I cannot remember anything or that I have not read enough or I am not prepared enough, this code reminds me that I should not stop. That I should keep on pounding, reading and moving forward.
             This code reminds me that I had been through the grueling…

Purposeful Living

           Three years ago, exactly a day after signing the Roll of Attorneys, I had started this blog. My goal was to write everything that I can remember to help future Bar Reviewees, Bar Takers and Bar Passers. Grammar, subject-verb agreement, and cohesion did not matter at that time. To me at that time, Content is prime: I just have to write it before it slips my ever curious and working mind. 
After posting what I thought was necessary to help other students, I had chosen to become the lawyer that I want to be. I became part of the pool of government lawyers dedicated in serving the indigents and the oppressed. I juggled between three courts, pleadings, and legal advice with my personal life. I I stepped out of my Bar Reviewee blog and became the lawyer I wanted to be.
Three years and thirty thousand views later, my blog remained the same. I never looked back and updated it. I was not able to respond to overwhelming messages and e-mails. I allowed the lawyer life consume me. Unt…

Bar Tips: Atty. Dominic De Alban

Bar Tips: fromAtty. Dominic Victor Castro de Alban. Bar Passer, 2014; Batch Salutatorian UST LAW 2014;  AB Philosophy-Cum Laude, UST
1) matulog ng wasto at least 6 hours. 
2) kumain ng tama meaning wag magpapataba kasi kalaban mo ang pagod at sakit kaya dapat iwasan mo ito (at kung akala mong madali syang tanggalin after ng bar pwes nagkakamali ka) 
3) sundin mo as much as possible ung plano mong study time na realistic para may sense of fulfillment ka para maboost ang confidence m remember ang review hindi lang for knowledge but more importantly confidence boosting kasi ang presumption alam mo naman na lahat bilang LL.B ka na 
4) mag-exercise ka para compliment sa good diet. wag mong isiping sayang sa oras kasi ang paghahanda sa bar di lang sa utak kundi pati sa katawan kasi halos 10 oras kang nakafullforce ang utak mo at malamang 3 oras lang tulog m so dapat matibay katawan at resistensya mo. 
5) practice mo ang penmanship m. magsulat sulat ka lang sa isang notebok with the proper margin…

Study Schedule: Joy Binay

So I am about to share my study schedule or my time table.  I would like to reiterate that I am an ordinary student who wanted to become a lawyer. Before the Bar, I evaluated myself and concluded that at the rate of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I am just a six or seven. But with my strategy and persistence, I will be the best level seven there is. I will give my all. I will not have any regret come November to March. Again, this is my sked. Please don't judge me and my desperation to pass. Haha.
My ideal time frame: 8 am-12nn STUDY 12-1: lunch siesta break 1-4 STUDY 4-5 BREAK 5-9 CHANGE LOCATION/ STUDY 9-10 BREAK 10-2am STUDY with chill moments.  ***not followed religiously. :) probably 5 times a week. Sunday is family day.
For my complete list of materials, Please refer to my previous post entitled, "All about that Books"
For my Bar Calendar, please refer to my previous post entitled, "Calendar Girl"
Note: have your syllabus at hand so you could check if the topic is…

Study hard. Pray Harder

When I was in College, I would always say, Study hard, Party Harder.When I was in law school, I realized that studying hard is not enough, even the agnostic will learn to call on a God when recitations or exam results came.  My motto became STUDY HARD, PRAY HARDER.
My dear friend. Do pray, pray as you study, pray as you take the exams and pray as you wait forthe  results.
As my Law school crush (jk), Atty. Isaac De Leon, said: So what was I praying as I review for the Bar...
Lord, I know that I could only read as much as my mind can comprehend, I am imploring for your grace to direct me to topics that will be asked in the Bar Exams. Please help me remember, comprehend and analyze so that when I encounter this topic, I will be able to answer it concisely, coherently and legibly. In Jesus Name, Amen.
What was I praying during the Bar Exams. Exactly 7:30-8:00am
Lord, you knew how much I studied. My efforts and my desire to pass are not hidden from you. I am not asking for what I deserve but I a…